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WELCOME:  ART to MUSIC and JEWELERY DESIGN — to Lighten the Spirit

  Please look around at the sampling of my paintings, all made to music, and my jewelry designs, similarly inspired. I hope they lift your spirit, as they do mine while creating them.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest! I hope you enjoy my site. If you do, please sign up to be emailed when I post new work and to hear about exhibits I’ve seen, or to receive news, such as the publication of my article “From Hearing to Seeing” — about music as inspiration for painting — now published in The New Palette magazine, issue #62, 2017.

Music has been integral to my life from my earliest years. As strong was my attraction to art:  At age 15, I started to paint, self taught, and when I began working, part of my first pay bought a set of soft pastels. I then devoted all my efforts to my job as an Editor of publications. Many years later I studied art with Gladys Freedman (who said “Always paint a tree the way it grows — from the roots upward”), Denis Ponsot, Skip Lawrence, Sergei Hollerbach, Avron Soyer, and Costa Vavagiakis (portraiture). I have also studied metal work and enameling for fine jewelry. I now design and assemble jewelry elements rather than make the component parts.

It  is  no wonder, and much to my good fortune, that there emerged a way to combine the pleasures and drive I derive from both music and art. This I find healing — a great lift to my spirits and joy in my life. As did Kandinsky, I aim to express the rhythms, textures, mood/color, and sometimes the words to songs, in paintings.

On my Fine Art page, you will sometimes find the music, very varied, that inspired certain of the art works, so you can recreate the experience for yourself (sample). See whether you find reflected in the paintings the spirit of the music (see a different style). Just click on the thumbnails of paintings sorted in the category “Music.” In cases where no music is coupled on this site, you might imagine the melodies and rhythms that inspired the work.

For the jewelry, I select only those materials I find particularly appealing. The metals are all either silver or gold plated or filled. At work on these, I’m also encouraged and lifted by music. The pieces, all one of a kind, appear on my Shop page.

Please do explore the Fine Art and Shop pages and get in touch if you’d like to purchase original paintings, or the jewelry, and high quality prints soon to be made available. You may enjoy looking at the work of my current Guest Artists, too, and by students or from exhibits on my blog.

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A special thanks to Kacey Anisa for her fine photography and invaluable help.