WELCOME:  ART to MUSIC and JEWELERY DESIGN — to Lighten the Spirit

Welcome to my Fine Art and Design home. Please look around at the sampling of my paintings, all made to music, and my jewelry designs, similarly inspired. I hope they lift your spirit, as they do mine creating them.

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Music has been integral to my life from my earliest years. Art drew me as strongly: At age 15, I started to paint, self taught, and when I began working, part of my first pay bought a set of soft pastels. Many years later I studied with, most notably, Gladys Freedman (who said “Always paint a tree the way it grows — from the roots upward”), Denis Ponsot, Skip Lawrence, Sergei Hollerbach, Avron Soyer, and portraiture with Costa Vavagiakis. I have also studied metal work and enameling for fine jewelry. I now design jewelry rather than make the component parts.

It  is  no wonder, and much to my good fortune, that there emerged a way to combine the pleasures and drive I derive from both music and art. This I find healing — a great lift to my spirits and joy in my life. As did Kandinsky, I aim to express the rhythms, textures, mood/color, and sometimes the words to songs in paintings.

On my Fine Art page, you will find the music, very varied, that inspired certain of the art works, so you can recreate the experience for yourself ( sample). See whether you find reflected in the paintings the spirit of the music (a different style). Just click on the thumbnails of paintings sorted in the category “Music.” In cases where no music is coupled on this site, you might imagine the music that inspired.

The jewelry are my original designs. I select only those materials I find particularly appealing. At work on these, I’m also encouraged and lifted by music. The pieces, all one of a kind, appear on my Shop page. If desired, I can recreate sold jewelry or create to order, using the colors and types of beads you prefer.

Please do explore the Fine Art and Shop pages and get in touch if you’d like to purchase jewelry or paintings, or the high quality prints soon to be made available. You may enjoy looking at art of my three current Guest Artists, too, and work by students or from exhibits on my blog.

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A special thanks to Kacey Anisa for her fine photography and invaluable help.

About My Art
Comments by Avron Soyer (see Guest Artist page)

“Underlying all of Charlotte Galper’s work is a synthesis of compositional sensitivity and sensual presence.

“There is an extreme individuality in Galper’s work that is not ‘branding.’ It is not external, and therefore not obvious. It is not blatant or desperate and this, I find, quite unusual and needed in the art world now. Hopefully the emergence of Galper’s work into the public arena signals a change in the wind.

“One problem our generation of visual artists inherited is to synthesize figuration with abstraction. Another: To integrate our awareness of tradition with an expressive personal voice. I don’t know of anyone who does that better than Charlotte Galper.

“Her art based on music and is truly musical. When I look at it I really do hear sounds. Galper is a strong singer who can modulate her voice.

“Here are a few examples of her work from different periods.

Three Birds of Paradise

“Three Birds of Paradise”

“Her early watercolors are figurative, yet design is crucial to their impact. From the beginning there was nothing extra — no extra stroke. Nothing can be added or removed.

“The watercolor technique is very clean. Textural differences are respected. See the musical structure: The flowers in counterpoint with shadowy, leaf shapes. The interplay of substance and shadow suggests echo and memory.

“Pear, Apple, Grapes”

“The colors of the apple echo subtly in pear and grapes with a sensitive interplay of curves.

Blue Suede Shoes

“Blue Suede Shoes”

“This is abstract, yet the wave is there. It is Wave set free. The colors are assertive. The mood is joyous flow and dance. The abstraction harmonizes with nature: Nonobjective painting, when good, includes emotional structure and sensibility. The art embodies and articulates the person; you get a sense of Galper from her art.



“Galper’s work deepens without coarsening. It includes harsh moods and images. This watercolor, for example, suggests a tragic figure, mainly in grey and blue tones with some yellow and red. The yellow humanizes the painting. The red accentuates the harsh mood without “yelling”: The red is not “blood red” but more discrete, challenging and interesting. The work demonstrates individuality and modulation of feeling.

“Blue Figure in Boat”

“Lately there have been explicit narratives and characters between dream and waking. One character reappears. There is a connection between paintings, a connection left open to our imaginations.

Abstract Curves

“Abstract With Stripes”

“These whimsical paintings (to left and right) reveal a sense of humor. Again, there is a clear musical suggestion: The music — Claire de Lune gentle. Especially today, it takes a lot of courage to be whimsical.”          •  •  •  •

To view these paintings and others in full size, please visit the Fine Art page.

“Dream: Flying to the Moon”